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Luxurious Rollup Signs


Luxurious Rollup Signs

Price: From $258.00

The Luxurious Stand weighs 5 kgs and is the most compact and complete roll up display you can find on the market. The Luxurious stands can also be replaced and re-skinned and are extremely versatile displays.

The Luxurious Stand comes in various widths – 850mm; 1000mm and 1200mm; 1500mm and 2000mm with heights up to 2150mm.


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All our Roll up Stands come with a 1 year warranty and are printed on HP Printers with high quality 285gsm PET/PVC graphic panel and include a padded bag. The stands are made of Aluminium and the spring system is encased in an aluminium casing as well.

The Luxurious Roll Up Stands/Displays are probably the most compact and complete quality retractable stands you can find in the market.  Good looking stands that will enable you to lower your exhibition costs while attracting new/potential clients and pushing your sales.

These stands come in sizes up to 3 metres in width.  One of our most popular size is the 1500mm width great for wall drops in TV interviews.